About the Vancouver Cougars

January 2001 witnessed the creation of the first official Australian Rules Football club in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This report outlines the creation, development and success of the club throughout the inaugural season. It will also act as a precursor to the 2002 season and the future of Australian Football in British Columbia and the western provinces of Canada. It is intended that the history of the Vancouver Australian Football Club (VAFC) shall be viewed as a learning experience for any persons interested in developing a similar club and by the VAFC documenting its various experiences it will help prepare others in the creation of Australian Rules Football Clubs.

The continued success of Australian Rules Football throughout Canada is dependent on ensuring that grass roots clubs are given constant support and assistance. It is hoped that the Canadian Australian Football Association will continue to offer guidance and resources to clubs such as the VAFC and that with the support of the Australian Football League – International Development, more clubs will be created throughout western Canada and the United States of America’s north west.